Crucified with Christ


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You think that no one understands When you don’t feel strong hey
I got an answer for you
There’s a way that’s light and easy, it’s true

He knows when you fall, So get up and go on
And I want you to know that you don’t have to go all alone


Even with tears in your eyes
Count it all joy until the time
Until you make it through the storm
Turn from your past say goodbye
Remember you were crucified with Christ
You were crucified with Christ
Yea oh yea, so let the weak say I’m strong, yea yea
So read the word renew your mind oh, oh When they tried to remind you
The road you use to travel
Can be a distant memory, You decide

The wind and the waves, Stare you in the face
Put on your armor, And don’t run away
I know that Jesus is there
So just cast all your care, It will be alright


And when you know you got a weakness
He will be strong, On that day you will say
You belong in the presence of the Lord
So let Him reign, let Him reign, let Him reign in your heart, in your heart





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“Worthy” by Misfit Republic


Holy Lord, I kneel before your throne

And I lay my every care before you

In this place where joy becomes my strength

And your Spirit washes over me


And when words are not enough

My whole being cries out

Let the world say what they may

As for me I will proclaim


My heart sings your praise

My soul lifts your name

No words can explain

How you’re worthy

In the sun or rain

My faith will remain

I will live and proclaim

That you’re worthy


Hope stands, faith arises

Doubt flees when you speak

All your promises remain uncontested

Hiding Place


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You are my hiding place, you fill my broken heart with songs of deliverance. You make me strong.

Lord your love is like no other. It has no end, it is unchanging and never failing, your love is more than life to me. Thank you for being my hope and my help, thank you for being my hiding place and for never casting me away. All I need is in you Lord, I rely on you for every good thing in my life. You are my hope in this life and for eternity. Thank you for calling me and for choosing me to be your child.

In this I am confident that your best is yet to come for me, you are in control and nothing is too hard for you to do. Let me walk closely with you O Lord, help me to know your heart and love you in word, thought and deed. Help me to honor you and not take your goodness for granted. You continue to keep me and I am grateful. Thank you for every blessing and for every mountain you have brought me over, I could not make it without you. Thank you for taking my hand and for letting me stand secured in you. I love you Lord, thank you for loving me unconditionally.


We are the Body


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Lord you have designed each human being to be intricate and distinct from each other, to add to one another and be an example of your handiwork. Your purpose for the Kingdom is grounded in unity and togetherness. You desire for the body of Christ to build each other and enrich each other. Empower me to take my place that you have chosen for me to be strong in the body. Stir up the gifts that you have placed in me.

Help me to be a vessel of honor to bring glory to you. Let me always be mindful that I represent you and that I am to demonstrate your love in all I say and do. Teach me to be more like you and to seek to love you more. Open my eyes to have a better understanding of your Word and draw me into a closer walk with you. Teach me your ways and help me to follow your lead that I will go where you want me to and live out the purpose you have prepared for me. Lord I say yes to your will and yes to your way, my life is in your hands.





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Lord of Hosts, You’re with us, with us in the fire, with us in the shelter, with us in the storm. You will lead us through the fiercest battle, oh where else would we go but with the Lord of Hosts.

Lord I am grateful, thank you father for being my all in all. You are my hope and my strength, you are the lifter of my head. Thank you for all your blessings , I am grateful for your favor and awesome grace. I’m grateful that you keep me and cover me with your never ending, unchanging love. Through it all you have been more than wonderful to me, thank you for holding my life in your hands and for ordering my steps in your word.

Your blessings make me rich and adds no sorrow with it. I’m grateful that you are in control of my life, taking care of all that matters to me. Your truth stands, your word is life over me. Blessed be your name.


Seek The Lord


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Here I lay in awe and wonder. I’m in awe at the majesty of who You are. Your love is a seal burnt inside my heart. All of the day I want to be where You are Holy Father.

Thank you Father for revealing yourself to me and for letting me have a closer walk with you. I am grateful that you make it possible for your children to have a close fellowship with you. You have called your people into a relationship with you, to know you heart to heart, to serve you in Spirit and in truth. Thank you Lord for being great and mighty and still wanting a close walk and fellowship with me. Your love cannot be compared.

Examine my heart and mind O God, search me and remove anything that is not of you. Help me to sit at your feet and listen as you speak to my heart. Help me to follow after you diligently and be where you want me to be. Keep me from going my own way and leaning to my own understanding. Make my pathway clear, help me to be in tune with you that all you have planned for me, all you have purposed will come to fruition and not hindered.

Help me to seek you first and trust you entirely. Keep my heart in tune with yours, let your name be glorified in me. Lord keep me strong in you and teach me how to walk in your power. Keep me sober and vigilant, keep me close to you.


Coming Alongside Others


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Without love, I have not… without love I am nothing

Lord you are my comforter. You are my God, I will ever praise You. Thank you Father that your love never fails. Thank you for placing the right people in my life to encourage me and who I can draw strength from when needed and in turn be comfort to them when the need arises. Teach me how to have empathy and real compassion for others. Help me to demonstrate your love and be a testimony of love in action.

Thank you for always caring for me and for giving me strength to carry on after the storms have passed. you are guiding my journey, you are holding me up and causing me to be steady. Thank you that I can rely on you to set things right in my life. You are my rest O Lord, you know how to take care of me. Thank you for never letting me go, thank you for soothing me and healing my inward parts.

You make me new. Lord I am grateful for your restoration and cleansing power. You are my all in all, I am grateful for your Holy Spirit to guide me and keep me at peace. Lord let faith arise in my soul, let my mind be renewed by your word and help me to hold fast to the confession of faith i have in You. Jesus you are my redemption.


Live it Well


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“Live It Well”

(I wanna live it well)
Yeah, yeah
(I wanna live it well)

Take the burden from my arms
Take the anchors off my lungs
Take me broken and make me one
Break the silence and make it a song

Life is short; I wanna live it well
One life, one story to tell
Life is short; I wanna live it well
And you’re the one I’m living for
Awaken all my soul
Every breath that you take is a miracle
Life is short; I wanna live it well, yeah

I wanna sing with all my heart a lifelong song
Even if some notes come out right and some come out wrong
Cause I can’t take none of that through the door
Yeah, I’m living for more than just a funeral
I wanna burn brighter than the dawn

Life is short; I wanna live it well
One life, one story to tell
Life is short; I wanna live it well
And you’re the one I’m living for
Awaken all my soul
Every breath that you take is a miracle
Life is short; I wanna live it well, yeah

I got one life and one love
I got one voice, but maybe that’s enough
Cause with one heartbeat and two hands to give
I got one shot and one life to live
One life to live, yeah
And every breath you take is a miracle

Life is short; I wanna live it well
One life, one story to tell (one love)
Life is short; I wanna live it well
And you’re the one I’m living for (the one, yeah)
Awaken all my soul
Every breath that you take is a miracle
Life is short; I wanna live it well
And you’re the one I’m living for

(One life) One life, one love
(One love) One life, one love
(One voice) One voice, yeah
(And that’s enough) And that’s enough, oh
(One heartbeat, two hands to give)
I got one shot and one life to live, one life to live




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“If We’re Honest”

Truth is harder than a lie
The dark seems safer than the light
And everyone has a heart that loves to hide
I’m a mess and so are you
We’ve built walls nobody can get through
Yeah, it may be hard, but the best thing we could ever do, ever do

Bring your brokenness, and I’ll bring mine
‘Cause love can heal what hurt divides
And mercy’s waiting on the other side
If we’re honest
If we’re honest

Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not
Living life afraid of getting caught
There is freedom found when we lay
our secrets down at the cross, at the cross


It would change our lives
It would set us free
It’s what we need to be


An Unbreakable Commitment


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You have called me higher, you have called me deeper and I will go where you will lead me Lord. Let your mercy light the path before me.

Lord how wonderful is your love to me, thank you for being good to me even when I am not good to you in return. Your love is perfect, you look beyond my faults and care for me and I am forever grateful. Thank you for meeting me at the very point of my need. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

There is nothing I can do to make you favor me and yet you show me favor, nothing can separate me from your love for me. Lord you are beyond my imagination, you are more to me than life itself. Thank you for covering me with your grace and remembering my sin no more.

Thank you for securing me in you and for helping me to see my worth in you. Please help me to walk committed to you, faithfully serving you. Renew my mindset, help me to be patient under your hand that you will work in me to make me more like you. Fix the areas of my life that need restoration, remake me and mold me. Let me not be defensive or easily offended. Help me to be strong and very courageous, help me to take correction and learn from the lessons you teach me. Let me rest in you knowing that you will take care of me.