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Here I lay in awe and wonder. I’m in awe at the majesty of who You are. Your love is a seal burnt inside my heart. All of the day I want to be where You are Holy Father.

Thank you Father for revealing yourself to me and for letting me have a closer walk with you. I am grateful that you make it possible for your children to have a close fellowship with you. You have called your people into a relationship with you, to know you heart to heart, to serve you in Spirit and in truth. Thank you Lord for being great and mighty and still wanting a close walk and fellowship with me. Your love cannot be compared.

Examine my heart and mind O God, search me and remove anything that is not of you. Help me to sit at your feet and listen as you speak to my heart. Help me to follow after you diligently and be where you want me to be. Keep me from going my own way and leaning to my own understanding. Make my pathway clear, help me to be in tune with you that all you have planned for me, all you have purposed will come to fruition and not hindered.

Help me to seek you first and trust you entirely. Keep my heart in tune with yours, let your name be glorified in me. Lord keep me strong in you and teach me how to walk in your power. Keep me sober and vigilant, keep me close to you.