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Without love, I have not… without love I am nothing

Lord you are my comforter. You are my God, I will ever praise You. Thank you Father that your love never fails. Thank you for placing the right people in my life to encourage me and who I can draw strength from when needed and in turn be comfort to them when the need arises. Teach me how to have empathy and real compassion for others. Help me to demonstrate your love and be a testimony of love in action.

Thank you for always caring for me and for giving me strength to carry on after the storms have passed. you are guiding my journey, you are holding me up and causing me to be steady. Thank you that I can rely on you to set things right in my life. You are my rest O Lord, you know how to take care of me. Thank you for never letting me go, thank you for soothing me and healing my inward parts.

You make me new. Lord I am grateful for your restoration and cleansing power. You are my all in all, I am grateful for your Holy Spirit to guide me and keep me at peace. Lord let faith arise in my soul, let my mind be renewed by your word and help me to hold fast to the confession of faith i have in You. Jesus you are my redemption.