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Every step of a righteous man is ordered by God. Though you may not know His mind, He will reveal it all in time.
You are all powerful O Lord, you set the world in motion, you put everything in place and you are in control. You are the King of the universe. You are above all, there is nothing too hard for you to do.

Let me always be mindful that you are with me and you care for me, you will never leave me to fight a battle on my own. You have purpose for all that I go through, you desire greatness for me. Let me be obedient to your leading, you will never lead me wrong.

Help me to be faithful even when life gets hard. Help me to keep on trusting you, to keep on holding to your never-changing hand, confident that it is all for my good because you are ordering my steps.

Thank you Lord for caring for me and wanting the best for me. Help me to humble myself under your mighty hand and not seek to have my own way. I need your holy Spirit to empower and direct my life. Cause me to love you and serve you as you desire.